At its recent Harmony event, Huawei introduced the first smartwatches based on its proprietary operating system. Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro, with their various capabilities and applications, are considered a great leap in the field of smart watches of this company and can be the best choice for different users with various goals and needs.

Huawei, which has created innovative and practical products in the field of wearable devices, taking into account the special and general needs of users, has recently unveiled the Watch 3 watch series. These watches are available in two versions, basic and Pro, and offer a collection of high quality features.

Beautiful and durable
The main feature of Huawei Watch 3 watches is the use of a circular display that depicts the nostalgic state of a watch. This structure with its appropriate dimensions can be used in situations and for people with different physical structures.

In Watch 3, the main frame of the watch is made of stainless steel and ceramic, and for the Pro version, we see the use of ceramic and titanium. As for the straps, Huawei offers the Watch Pro 3 version with two leather and titanium straps, and for the Watch version 3, silicone, leather and steel straps. These watches also have the ability to protect against water penetration to a depth of 5 meters under the 5ATM standard.

To control the watch, a rotary button and a fixed button are used, which, along with touching the display and special commands that are adjusted by rotating the wrist or fingers, give the user maximum freedom of action.

AMOLED quality display
The display of the Watch 3 should be considered one of its strengths. Where Huawei has used a 1.43-inch AMOLED panel in both versions, with a high resolution of 466 by 466 pixels, offering a pixel density of 326 pixels per square inch.

The display is protected by a scratch-resistant glass cover, and the user can easily work with the harmonious operating system interface by touching, swiping, tapping or pressing and holding the screen.

Diverse or dedicated watch fees
By default, Huawei has installed 30 beautiful and various face watches on the Watch 3 watch, but it is possible for the user to download and install the desired option from among more than a thousand face watches located in the HUAWEI Watch Face Store software store. Slowly

You can even select the short 5-second video that the user wants as a watch face to provide the user with the ultimate in personalization.

Complete package of communications
One of the praiseworthy actions of Huawei in this watch is its support for the electronic SIM card or eSIM feature, which due to the support in different countries (including Iran), the possibility of using the watch as a standalone device for making calls, downloading software or playing music. Provide.

In addition, the integration of the Harmony platform allows the user to use the MeeTime software to make voice and video calls, enabling the user to continue the call received via the watch using their smart TV or phone.

Huawei has equipped this watch with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in addition to communication via SIM card, and it is even possible to use it to coordinate other devices based on harmony. For example, it is possible to connect a smart speaker, TV or phone to a watch and play audio content independently through any of them.

Software evolution with full hardware compatibility
Celia Smart Assistant is another attractive feature of this watch. Without the need for a smartphone, all your voice commands will be executed with Celia or a solution will be found to do them. All you have to do is call Celia and ask her to take a taxi, set an alarm, call your friend and even check the weather in the city you are planning to travel to.

Of course, it is also possible to adjust the smartphone camera shutter with the ability to zoom or change the front and rear camera in this mode.

These are not all the features of Watch 3 software, and you can download and install your desired software from the hundreds of proprietary software available in the App Gallery.

Monitoring health indicators smarter than ever
As always, Huawei tools are one of the best for measuring fitness parameters. Continuous and 24-hour heart rate measurement, reporting heart rate at various intervals, as well as measuring blood oxygen levels, which, thanks to upgraded sensors and new artificial intelligence algorithms, are much more accurate than their predecessors, are features related to heart health. These are the clocks.

Huawei has also made it possible to measure fever (or the user’s skin surface temperature), which allows you to constantly monitor your physical condition.

Features such as measuring sleep patterns, ECG, measuring stress levels and intelligently detecting falls from heights (and calling help centers if needed) are other health features of this watch.

Huawei has provided a complete sports trainer with the ability to identify 19 training modes (type of sport) and more than 100 sports movements, which in all cases, the possibility of reporting and full process monitoring is available to the user.

Charging up to 21 days
Due to the integration of software and hardware, Huawei has provided high level charging in the Watch 3 series of watches. According to tests performed by Huawei Labs, the Watch 3 can be charged for up to 3 and the Watch 3 Pro for up to 5 days during normal operation and routine.

Of course, if you use a special mode of energy saving called Ul

tra-Long Battery Life Mode, the charging time of the base version increases to 14 days and the Pro version to 21 days.

A wireless charger with the device is also used to charge these two watches. It will also be possible to charge using the reverse charging feature of smartphones and tablets.

Finally, Huawei has shown how the integration of software and hardware and their optimization can improve the performance of a smartwatch by introducing the Watch 3 Series watches based on the Harmony operating system.

Extensive software capabilities along with the health and wellness features of these watches, along with their high charge, make the Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro one of the best choices in this field, which provide users with a high level of functionality and purchase value.

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