Apple unveiled iOS 15 for iPhones during WWDC 2021.

If the reason why many users are watching WWDC 2021 is their expectation for the new version of iOS, we have not said it in vain. Apple introduced iOS 15 after the introduction of the developers’ special event, with most changes to the Facebook, iMessages, Maps, Climate and Photos apps.

Apple has also spent most of its time introducing iOS 15 to the new FaceTom features, due to the epidemic of coronavirus and homelessness, which has led to an increase in the use of online meetings. The first changes made to iOS 15 are changes to improve the FaceTime user experience. In the new version of iOS, FaceTime has undergone major changes and can now be used as a convenient option for holding meetings online.

Spatial Audio for FaceTime

FaceTime in iOS 15 is equipped with the Spation Audio feature, thanks to which the voices of different people present in the meetings are played in three dimensions from different places to evoke the feeling of being in a real meeting; Of course, this feature can only be used with AirPads Pro and other Apple and Bates headphones equipped with H1 or W1 chips. To make this feature seem even more natural, it is possible to split the page and show all the participants in the meeting at the same time.

Grid View for Facebook

In addition, the quality of the audio playback and the noise cancellation system have been greatly improved in Facebook. The ability to share content in video calls, including page sharing, music and video is also provided. Everything is ready to compete with Google Mate, Zoom and Skype.

FaceTime is now available for Android, Windows and web users. Also, due to the better display of the members present in the video call and the possibility of setting up a video call in the form of a meeting, it will be a more suitable option for those who are looking for a bed for their meetings.

Another cool feature added to iOS 15 is the Portrait Mode feature. As the name implies, it can blur the background image when making video calls. The next possibility is to create and share the link to attend face-to-face meetings with other iOS and Android users; A feature we’ve seen similar to Google Mate and Zoom before. You can continue your meetings on different Apple devices; For example, if you have started a face-to-face session on your iPhone, you can continue it seamlessly on your Mac or iPad.

Finally, the ability to share content from a number of Apple apps, such as Apple TV Plus and Apple Music in meetings, has been added to the FaceTime app.

The next section that has undergone changes is iMessages. The most important change is the ability to better share the content of Apple services; For example, if a user shares news from Apple News with you via iMessages, the news shared in the Apple News app will be displayed in a separate section. Shared With You feature is also available on other Apple services and apps such as Safari, Apple Music and Apple Podcast. Like Telegram, you can pin important messages.

Shared with you feature in Apple News

As expected, significant changes have been made to the iOS 15 notifications section. The size of the ads has been slightly increased for the sake of more visibility. When you activate Do Not Disturb mode, other users will be able to see your status and request for not being disturbed while sending you messages in Messages. Fucus mode is a mode for further personalization of in-work notifications, which allows the user to receive only notifications of work applications such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. Notification Summary in iOS 15 is another nice feature that saves time and energy while reviewing notifications, and users can customize this section to suit their needs.

Photos application, with the help of artificial intelligence, is equipped with a feature called OCR, which allows the user to automatically detect text in images. Memories feature and adding Photos to Spotlight search results are other changes of this application.

OCR capability in iOS .15

The Wallet app is a new app among other iOS apps, and in iOS 15, Apple allows users to register digital keys and promise to add ID cards and encrypt them in Wallet by the end of the year.

New version of Wallet app in iOS 15

The weather app has been redesigned in the new version of iOS, in addition to giving you more data, it changes its appearance depending on the weather of your location.

New appearance of weather software in iOS 15

The Maps service is the next modified service in iOS 15. In addition to updates to display data, it has a new look that will be available in Portugal and Spain from now until the end of the year in Australia and Italy.

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